VPL Committee

VPL committee is the nucleus around which the VPL event is organised. It conceptualised the entire event from the scratch and now it is envisioning to make the event an unforgettable memory for all the Vyom residents every year. The committee which was formed in the year 2021 with a casual meeting over passion for sports is now a fulcrum which provides direction to all the key happening in the VPL. Started with 12 strong, like-minded people today it has 8 core members from diverse background but with common goal of delivering unadulterated entertainment with fun and brotherhood.



To make the VPL an unforgettable memory for each Vyom resident for delivering fun and entertainment with brotherhood spirit.


Building Unity in Diversity through Sports.


1. Abhishek Bagla

A great motivator and a team man, Abhishek not only contributed as a VPL team member but also became a team owner himself in VPL 1.0. A person of networking he brings great vibrancy and enthusiasm in all the VPL related work. He is available 24/7 and has been a foot soldier for delivering key things for VPL. His own team “A Squad” became the 1st runner up in VPL 1.0 with his own performance in Table Tennis and Carrom. He was a key member of “Chak De Vyom” in VPL 2.0.

Profession –

Abhishek is a 2nd generation entrepreneur and is into transport business with his firm “Kiran Transport” handling key accounts in Kolkata.

Abhishek Speaks

“I am big time sports lover and became part of VPL for the love of sports. I myself play almost all the sports and in VPL we also promote so many sports, so it became a part of my life in last 2 years. I believe VPL has given me an opportunity to connect with my fellow residents.

2. Amit Sethi

Amit, the man of few words has been a VPL team member since its inception. He is a key contributor to all the major decisions taken by the committee. His active participation in the Vyom Association and wholehearted support in organizing VPL have been one of the key reasons for VPL’s success. Amit is a key member of any cricket team on any given day and on any given field. He is an intelligent cricketer and a great team player. He was part of “Team Daring” in VPL 1.0 however he did not participate in the VPL 2.0 due to his other sporting commitments.

Profession –

A Chartered Accountant, Amit is a professional who is involved in financial consultancy business.

Amit Speaks –

“I am part of VPL because I am a sports lover. It also gives me an opportunity to connect and network with so many people.  I always believe VPL can build the brotherhood spirit in Vyom.

3. Ashish Sharma

The latest entrant in the VPL Committee, he is a bundle of energy and a team man. With his connections and great negotiation skills, he will be a key member of VPL in the near future. His performance in VPL 2.0 has been a revelation for so many people and can be a big thing in VPL 3.0 auctions unless he is retained by his VPL 2.0 team “Vyom Tigers”. He did not participate in VPL 1.0.

Profession –

A Chartered Accountant, Ashish is an entrepreneur who runs a manufacturing unit in Kolkata.

Ashish Speaks –

“I participated in VPL 2.0 just for the love of my cricket but it has been an eye-opener for me. The planning, the execution, and the control by the VPL team and the team owners surprised and that day I decided that I would contribute to this beautiful initiative in whatever way I could. I thank my God that I became a VPL team member.

4. Atul Poddar

Atul brings unmatched experience of managing people and logistics and has been a vital support for the VPL over the period of the last 2 years. He is excellent in managing people and his acumen in bringing all the people together has helped VPL achieve great success. He is one of the best players in cricket and has always been on the radar for most of the teams in VPL auctions. He was part of “Strikers” in VPL 1.0 and Superkings in VPL 2.0.

Profession –

He is a Chartered Accountant and works with a leading CA firm.

Atul Speaks –

“VPL gives me time to de-stress from my day-to-day life and in turn also gives me an opportunity to play cricket which has been my passion since childhood. VPL has been and will be an important part of my life.

5. Madhav Bhaiya

Madhav joined the VPL team in the year 2021 and became a key contributor within a short span of time. VPL 2.0 success cannot be imagined without his immense contribution to everything that was required for its execution. His cool demeanor and never-say-never attitude are very useful for VPL. He is a champion all-rounder and can be proven from the fact that he reached in the final of all 3 sports (Cricket, Carrom & Table Tennis) he participated in VPL 2.0. even though can be hot cake in VPL auction he is in a committed relationship with his team “Lions” since the last 2 years and his love affair with this team may continue this year.

Profession –

Madhav, is a businessman and an individual investor cum trader in stock markets.

Madhav Speaks –

“I am sports lover and a big enthusiast for team games whether they are indoor or outdoor. So VPL played a big part for me to connect with my passion for team game and sporting competition. It goes perfectly with my principle that No Competition , No Success.

6. Prateek Kanodia

Prateek Kanodia, known popularly as PK in VPL community, is one of the earliest proponent of VPL. The most dynamic of all the members he is the “Virat Kohli” of our VPL. Excellent in all the sports he plays, very athletic and fit and passionate about winning. His role in building the VPL over the last 3 years have been immense. He is one of the hottest properties of VPL Auction due to his all-round abilities have played for the “Team Superstars” in last 2 VPL editions.

Profession –

An MBA in Marketing & Operations, Prateek is budding entrepreneur involved in manufacturing concrete based products for construction and flooring purposes.

Prateek Speaks –

“My association with VPL is rooted in my profound passion for sports. From a very young age, I was deeply associated with my martial arts academy which instilled in me the value of teamwork, the thrill of competition, and the joy of pushing my limits and thus made sports an integral part of my identity. This passion fuelled me to contribute to sports on a community level, leading me to align with the beautiful team of VPL.

7. Rohit Shroff

The most popular person of VPL by all means, Rohit is the analytical brain behind the VPL. Soft spoken and elegant player he is an all rounder with unmatched talent in whichever sports he plays. He is one of the player in the auction who can cause a cat fight among the team owners to employ his services for the team. He played for the mighty “Lions” in VPL 1.0 and for the champions “Warriors” in VPL 2.0.

Profession –

He is Chartered Accountant looking after his family business of spare parts in Kolkata.

Rohit Speaks –

“VPL has been instrumental in bringing me in the forefront of our Vyom housing society. Today I have made so many friends through the VPL window and it helps me to channelise my passion for sports which is an added advantage.

8. Sandeep Pugalia

Sandeep Pugalia has been a key contributor to VPL in developing it from ideation to the germination stage and thereafter the execution. He may not be an agile mover physically but he is definitely a fast mover as far as ideas and thoughts are concerned. His ideas have added so many unique attributes to VPL which has made the overall experience of VPL unforgettable for Vyomites. He is an excellent team man in any sport he plays and has been a two-time joint carrom champion. He was part of 1st runner-up “A Squad” in VPL 1.0 and “Vyom Tigers “ in VPL 2.0.

Profession –

Sandeep Pugalia is a chartered accountant and works in the financial services business as a consultant and advisor. He loves to discuss sports, business, and current affairs.

Sandeep Speaks –

“I believe bringing sports to the grassroots is the only answer for the overall development of future generations. VPL is one of the 1st steps in bringing sports to community level and making it inclusive across different sets of people.

9. Shreyans Bothra

Another new entrant in Team VPL, Shreyans brings his vibrant energy to the table. He will be a key member of Team VPL in the near future. A bright talent and a great team player he became a key member of the VPL 2.0 champion team “Warriors”. Whether it’s cricket or basketball his game made everyone notice and take note. In all probability, he will be retained by his team so he may not be available for auctions this year. He was with Team Titans in VPL 2.0.

Profession –

Shreyans is an entrepreneur and runs his textile business in Kolkata.

Shreyans Speaks –

“I loved the planning, execution, and energy in every VPL and also wanted to contribute myself. This year apart from playing I am happy that I will be part of Team VPL.